The Village of Lake Delton, Wisconsin - Incorporated 1954     Administrative

Excerpts from Village of Lake Delton Minute Book #1

                       June 1954-December 1954



On May 21, 1954, William Miller, E.F. Chap, Oliver E Tufts, J.W. McBoyle, Ann J Tufts, S.R. White, Robert Bruhns, Frank Fischer, R.M. Hines, George B. Hill, D.A. Fullmer, Robert Bruhns, Ken Harding, Conrad Landeck, Jasper Larson and John M Kelly applied for incorporation to the Circuit Court of Sauk Count at 10:00 am  to incorporate the  certain territory located in the Town of Delton, Sauk County, WI described below as a village of be know as the VILLAGE OF LAKE DELTON. The application for incorporation of certain territory outlined in the petition heretofore made to this court as the Village of Lake Delton, having come to be heard before the court on the 21st day of May, 1954, and there being no appearances in opposition thereto.                               


John Strand, practical surveyor prepared accurate survey of territory intended to be within Village limits


Accurate census with the name of the head of the family and the name of every person in resident in good faith of such territory was done on 10th day of April, 1954 by Oliver B Tufts, Thomas Stephenson and Sylvan R White.


Notice of Special election was given on June 14, 1954 with Robert Bruhns, S.R. White and Oliver B. Tufts, residents within the area considering incorporation.  The special election will be held July 23, 1954 in the town hall of Delton, County of Sauk, State of Wisconsin located on HWY 12

                   The Ballot will be

                                      For Incorporation_____

                                      Against Incorporation________


July 10, 1954 Robert Bruhns vacated his office of inspector of election and was replaced with Mrs. Anna Mason.


On July 29th, 1954 notice of Election to be held on August 30, 1954 to elect  the below officials for the Village of Lake Delton with nominations to held on April 5, 1954 at 8pm at the Delton Town Hall.


·        A village president and three trustees each of whom will when elected hold office until the third Tuesday in April 1955.

·        Three Trustees each of whom will when elected hold office until the third Tuesday in April 1956.

·        A Clerk, a Treasurer, an Assessor, a supervisor, a constable and a justice of the peace each of whom will, when elected, hold office until May 1, 1955


July 23, 1954 of 358 electors voted at the polls 265 for incorporation with 90 voting against incorporation and three rejected ballots.


Election results

For Village President

                   William Miller                         99 unanimous

For Trustee (1956)

                   Harold Risley                          99 unanimous

For Trustee (1956)        

                   Garland Whipp                       99 unanimous

For Trustee (1955)

                   Ember Adams                         99 unanimous     

For Trustee (1955)

                   C. Landeck                             99 unanimous       

For Trustee (1955)

                   Art Batty                                 52

                   Velorus White                         46

For Trustee (1956)

                   Edward Chap                          63

D. Counsell                                                33

For Village Clerk          

                   Althea Johnson                       99 unanimous

For Village Treasurer

                   Kenneth Dittrich                      99 unanimous

For Village Constable

                   Kenneth Harding                     99 unanimous

For Justice of the Peace

                   Lucille Albertson                     26

                   Fred A Sauger                         23

For Village Assessor

                   Jay Tice                                   99 unanimous

For Supervisor

                   Ralph Hines                             99 unanimous



8-30-1954   First Village Board

·        Village President                      William Miller                 April 1955                    

·        Trustee                                    Harold Risley                 April 1956          

·        Trustee                                    Garland Whipp              April 1956          

·        Trustee                                    Ember Adams                April 1955                    

·        Trustee                                    Conrad Landeck            April 1955                    

·        Trustee                                    Velorus White                April 1955                    

·        Trustee                                    Duaine K.Counsell          April 1956          

·        Village Clerk                            Althea Johnson               April 1955                    

·        Village Treasurer                      Kenneth Dittrich             April 1955                    

·        Village Constable                     Kenneth Harding             April 1955                    

·        Justice of the Peace/Marshall    George B Hill

·        Village Assessor                      Jay Tice                         April 1955                    

·        Supervisor                               Ralph Hines                   April 1955                              



Post Office Lake Delton

(Formerly Robert Bruhns Lake Delton Corner Store) – The Oberdick Corner Store

Ken Harding’s filling station


September 1, 1954 - First Meeting of the Village Board

                             Resolutions for committees 


September 7, 1954 - Special Meeting of the Village Board

                                      Appointed committees 


September 22, 1954 - Regular Meeting of the Village Board

                   Pilgrim Drive (300 feet) to give access to Osborne and Luther properties.



October 21, 1954 - Regular Meeting

First Village snow plow was used equipment from Sarrington Milling Company, Road Division – John Scott representative of the company quoting prices for equipment rental and material.


First insurance contract :H.M. Tofson & Son of Wisconsin Dells.


First year that the Village of Lake Delton is a member of the  League of Wisconsin Municipalities.


Wisconsin Dells Event to be official Village Paper.


First taxi cab license to Lake Delton and Wisconsin Dells Cab Company for one year $25.00 annually on 12/22/1954.




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